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Cloud Storage

Storage Clouds offer the possibility to store and work with files at any time and from anywhere.

From any device we will always have our documents at hand to work with them, send them and share them with someone.

Companies are freed from the need of servers and maintain them.

Esquema de Intranet en la nube

The six main advantages of Cloud Storage

Movilidad gracias a la nube


Everyone handles various devices such as computers, laptops or mobile phones.

You do not depend on a computer or a device to work with a document.

Cada archivo está en la Nube y por tanto dEach file is in the Cloud and therefore available anywhere we have an Internet connection.

Our files and folders reside in a central and accessible site. Avoid copying files from one place to another.

Flexibilidad con la nube


Storage in the Cloud is adapted to the needs of each individual and company.

The Cloud allows payment for use and as a service.

When you need to store more data we can update the account. If more capabilities are needed, a Cloud for companies grows according to these.

The resources are used efficiently and even ecologically. The need to purchase devices and hard drives is eliminated.

Productividad con la nube


Storage in the Cloud or Cloud provides a collaborative environment for both individuals and businesses.

The documents stored in the Cloud are available for work teams and project development.

When information is available and updated, productivity increases.

The Cloud is the central place where the information resides.

Independencia con la nube


Before, when you bought certain software and hardware you were captive of a system for years.

Before, it was stBefore, it was stored on servers and hard drives that sold us and remained in the office.

Cloud storage provides the freedom to change the system whenever you want. You just have to download the stored files and copy them to another provider.

Slavery and dependence are eliminated with the use of the Cloud.

Seguridad en la nube


The cloud storage provider has exceptional security measures.

Un proveedor Cloud dispone de A Cloud provider has equipment and staff that are exclusively dedicated to this task.

In a few cases, a company or individuals can have the infrastructures and the necessary personnel dedicated to the safeguarding and protection of stored files.

Companies delegate and get rid of these tasks.

Ahorro con la nube


The use of the Cloud for online storage allows savings of up to 40% in hardware and software, 31% in computer work costs and 80% in equipment energy consumption.

Equipment maintenance, security and Infrastructures are delegated or subcontracted to the cloud storage provider.