Prices that adjust to the storage and users needs of the company

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Users Coworkers
Company members. They access through all applications. They are the internal users of the company.
Web Users
External users of the company who usually access through the web and mobile applications. 200 users are included for each coworker. In most cases they will be clients of the company.
Extensions and reductions
All accounts can be reduced or enlarged after contracting.
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Annual payment
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Monthly payment
Total Coworkers
Capacity in TeraBytes (TB)
Web Users
  • The number of TBs cannot be less than 1
  • The number of Coworkers cannot be less than 2
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Included in all accounts

Unlimited technical support.

By email and telephone assistance.

Free backup.

All new accounts include 1 free weekly Automatic Backup.

Web Users.

200 Web Users for each contracted user. Enough for any company.

Office Online Edition.

Office Suite to edit documents from the application or mobile devices.


Video conferencing is included as a platform tool without being an extra.


Allows communication with other users and sharing documents.

Integrated Apps.

Functionality that allows working with other applications saving the files in the system.

MapDrive integration

Includes viewing of the contents and the ability to mount Mapdrives.

Contract signing.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Office and Outlook add-ins.

Office Plugins. To save editor files in Dataprius and other utilities.

Sincronización BlueSync

When the company requests it and you need to save files from other applications.

Use of Dataprius Recovery

For the management of backups. Connecting independently to the main system.

Application customization.

Applications and emails are personalized with company logos.

Updates and improvements.

Free. Accessories and optional.

Account extensions.

Post-hiring adjustments. Price relative to the contracted period.


The system monitors the status of your account and analyzes possible incidents. 24x365.